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Owners Internal Exchange

Updated December 4, 2018

Owner Internal Exchange:   Meadow Lake Owner Internal Exchange is available at no additional charge to owners.  You may place your OIE request and/or accept a request directly with owner services at:  ownerservices@meadowlake.com.   We will match you with other requests and notify you of the confirmed exchange.  If, you make changes with another owner on your own, please let us know so our arrival records will be correct.


Name:             Unit #: Size:                 Week owned:              Trade request:                       Comments:     

Meyer, J.        1221 two bedroom       May 26, 2019          June 2- August 18, 2019         any dates during this time

Darda              514 two bedroom        June 1-8, 2019        May 4-June 1, 2019 or June 15-30, 2019