Road Less Traveled

One can literally take the proverbial road less traveled by visiting Glacier National Park in the Fall.  A world-renown tourist attraction, park guests will find Glacier with less crowded roads, more wildlife, and more availability during the fall. An added bonus: enjoy the park’s scenic views enhanced by the leaves changing colors. Although weather dependent, the breathtaking Going-To-The-Sun road is often open through mid-October, when it is much less crowded and therefore more enjoyable than during the busy summer months.

With school back in session and most summer vacations in the rear-view mirror, you may just feel like you have the park to yourself at this time of year.  This solitary bliss applies to many of the local attractions and trails.  For example, after Labor Day all camping becomes first-come first-serve and does not require reservations.

Fall also provides a better chance to experience wildlife while visiting the park. Many guests have the unforgettable opportunity to see bears foraging on their final feast in preparation for winter hibernation. Deer can be seen on hillsides as they move to lower elevations for the winter. Always remember to respect the wildlife and to never get too close.