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Rental Cash

Summer Rental Cash Injection Hello Meadow Lake Owners, We hope this memo finds you reveling in the beauty of fall, with plenty of treasured memories freshly made this summer. We are happy to report that the fantastic Montana summer at Meadow Lake Resort was a huge success […]

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Owner Update

Owner Update 9/12/19 Meadow Lake Development Corporation (MLDC) announced a major initiative on behalf of owners with the June article, “Document Refresh” (link below).  Based on a presentation to Home Owner’s Association (HOA) Boards in early June, the article explained an effort to propose governing document […]

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The Price of Progress: Placing your maintenance fees in context

The Price of Progress: Placing your maintenance fees in context Fresh off the founding of the United States, Ben Franklin wrote, “[I]n this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  If he were writing in today’s age of strong governments, paper […]

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Correction and Amplification

Correction and Amplification We are grateful that an owner has called to our attention an editing error in our inaugural newsletter, dated January 2019.  In the “Resort Update” feature, we referred to “updating and upgrading the resort properties”, “major renovations,” and “renovating the flooring.” The word […]