After weeks of closure and uncertainty due to COVID-19, we are enthusiastic to correspond that on April 22nd, Montana State Governor Steve Bullock released a three-phase plan entitled “Reopening The Big Sky” to safely and carefully reopen Montana. This plan will allow Meadow Lake Resort to reopen on April 27th, albeit with some limitations. By following Federal, State and Local guidelines, along with your cooperation, Meadow Lake Resort will continue to be a safe and relaxing place for everyone to vacation and travel.

Following state guidelines, Meadow Lake Resort will allow reservations beginning on or after April 27th, 2020. The first phase of the state plan strongly encourages social distancing, limiting group gatherings to 10 or less, minimizing non-essential travel and adhering to Montana guidelines regarding quarantine. According to the guidelines, restaurants, bars, and casinos, including the Meadow Lake Bar and Grille, will be allowed to reopen with limited capacity on May 4th, 2020. Rocky Bar-O is scheduled to open May 17th with limited capacity.  The Recreation Center and Fitness Center will remain closed during this first phase as restrictions do not allow for gyms, pools, and hot tubs to reopen until Montana moves forward to phase 2 which does not yet have a set date. We will continue to keep you informed as we move through these three phases to a complete reopening of Montana and Meadow Lake Resort. Read Governor Bullock’s April 22nd Directive here.  Also, read the “Reopening The Big Sky” phased approach here.

For everyone’s wellbeing, our team continues to ensure a safe environment by taking extra precaution in cleaning and sanitizing the entire resort. We have procedures in place to clean public areas with increased frequency to maintain constant cleanliness. Housekeeping will continue to provide clean and sterilized rooms while working with extra diligence and attention to frequently touched areas of the rooms such as doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls.  Staff has been instructed to continue to practice frequent handwashing, sanitization of work stations, and social distancing while on site. We are also strictly enforcing that any employee showing signs or symptoms of an illness must stay home.

It is also imperative that we ask for our guests’ cooperation in order to help ensure the safety of other guests and our staff. We ask for everyone to do their part in social distancing by maintaining a six-foot distance from others when in common areas. These areas include the lobby, the restrooms and the Meadow Lake Bar & Grille. Please follow best practices when it comes to washing your hands. We have placed more sanitizer stations around the resort and we encourage our guests to use them frequently. If you are experiencing signs or symptoms of an illness, we ask that you avoid public areas completely and seek medical attention if necessary.

We understand that travel bans are still in effect and we are keeping a close eye on interstate as well as international travel policies. We are continuing to work on best solutions for our owners and guests effected by these travel restrictions. During phase one, out of state travelers are required to self-quarantine for 14-days to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus. Our team is here for your questions, comments, and concerns. We appreciate your patience during these times as we work on fully reopening the resort.

After weeks of mandated closure, we are beyond grateful to be provided with this opportunity to phase a reopening of our resort and our community. Everyone must work together to make sure that we do it responsibly. With our team’s dedication and your cooperation, we will be able to enjoy many things that we have missed in previous weeks. Together, with a bit of distance between us, we can make this reopening phase of Meadow Lake Resort a successful one.


Your Team at Meadow Lake Resort