Dear Meadow Lake Resort Owners,

We are pleased to announce the reopening of the Meadow Lake Resort amenities to our local owners.  After talks with local county officials, we have clarified that local owners are considered register guest and can access all of the amenities.  The occupancy of these facilities will be limited to a maximum of 75% of the normal occupancy and usage, with priority placed on practicing social distancing. The safety and wellbeing of our owners, guests, and staff are our highest priorities.

Rocky Bar-O will require owners and guests to sign up a day in advance before visiting the lodge in order to maintain 75% of normal capacity. The Recreation Center and Fitness Center will be open to owners and guests with a limit on capacity on a first come, first served basis. Below is a list of the basic guidelines for each of the facilities.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Your Meadow Lake Team

Guidelines For Recreation Center and Fitness Center

  • Reduce capacity to 75% of normal capacity and maintain social distancing.
  • Owner & Guest must check in at the Recreation Center and Fitness Center to insure 75% of normal occupancy is not exceeded.
  • Locker rooms must remain closed, except for showering before and after swimming and using the restrooms.
  • Deck tables and chairs to be space a minimum of 6 feet apart.
  • Fitness Center is open daily 7am-11am & 4pm-10pm. Closed 11am-4pm.

Guidelines For Rocky Bar O

  • Owners & guest will contact the front desk at Meadow Lake Resort the day before visiting Rocky Bar O to sign up for the following day.
  • 50 guests per day will be permitted to sign up in order to manage social distancing. Groups of 10 or more will not be permitted to sign-up.
  • The lodge will not be available for guest to use.