Dear Saint Andrews Homeowners,

We are excited to present to you the proposed changes to the SAHA governing documents.

Attached here are the following:

1. An explanation memo from Mike Lynch detailing each change and it’s necessity for your resort and benefits to you as an owner.

2. A detailed reference Sheet outlining each of the changes, the problem requiring the change and the benefit to the owners for each proposed change.

3. A copy of the new documents with the changes included in easy to see redline format.

In January, we met with your board members to examine these changes and solicit feedback and involvement. It was a productive and positive meeting with great feedback from the board members.

SAHA owners, please take the time to review these materials in preparation for a vote. We feel strongly that this package of changes will improve the ownership experience at Meadow Lake.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss these proposed amendments, please reach out to 

We need your vote! Please stay tuned for voting information and be ready to take part in this exciting development in Meadow Lake Resort’s history.

Voting will take place online through Survey Monkey. Information will be sent to the primary unit owner via email.

Meadow Lake Development Corporation