Dear SAHA Owners:
Thank you for your engagement with the document refresh project. Your overwhelming support of the changes provides critical structural improvements that will lead to more flexibility for Meadow Lake owners.
We know many of you are eager for more flexibility. Some of you desire the ability to downsize your ownership commitment. It’s important to understand that the changes to the documents just passed is the necessary first step, not the final solution. Without making these changes to the documents, development of specific plans would have been a poor use of resources. With these changes, we now know that it will be of value to owners for MLDC to create the programs for which these changes allow.
At this point, we want to articulate and answer some questions that we feel many owners might have at this time.
I want to break up my multiple week ownership. When and how can I do that?
• Your rotational unit ownerships are dynamic and intertwined. Before MLDC works with any owner to break up a multi-week rotational ownership, it must create a plan for all owners of that unit, and this plan must take into consideration those owners who do not wish to change the structure of their ownership. As we committed in the process, no owner will ever be forced to give up their current ownership structure.
I no longer want to own my unit. How and when can I give it back?
• MLDC is not structured to “take back” timeshare intervals. Historically it has agreed to acquire various ownerships from Meadow Lake owners on an ad hoc basis. In these cases, Meadow Lake is an owner like any other and pays the maintenance fees. The document update provides an alternate way for timeshare to be transferred from owners but not owned by MLDC. Our next steps include creating an ownership vehicle that will allow MLDC to hold inventory as well as creating a program to provide this inventory to new owners and users. We will reach out to owners when this is in place and a program is opened up for owners to release their ownerships.
Can I bring my dog to Meadow Lake?
• By far, the change to the no pet restriction elicited the most passionate responses. Many of you expressed heartfelt concerns about the potential for pets in their unit. Our commitment is to develop a pet policy that only applies to units in which all owners agree that pets should be allowed. This policy will be forthcoming, but you will not have pets in your unit without your consent. The corollary is that you will not be able to bring pets to your unit without the consent of all the other owners in your unit. The changes were about adding flexibility for owners, not taking away the valued status quo.
I don’t have to pay for deadbeat owners anymore, right?
• MLDC is required to maintain your unit in a first-class manner and we will continue to do so as this benefits you as owners. The costs of your unit will continue to be supported by owners. The change is that the accounting will now be by the entire association, so costs can be more
fairly spread and reserves put to more rational use. The long run goal is to create new ownership and use programs that will attract the next generation of repeat vacationers. This is explained well by Vacatia CEO Caroline Shin in her Update to Meadow Lake Owners on
How do these changes benefit me?
• All owners have an interest in a vibrant and healthy resort that conforms to modern standards, is attractive to vacationers and offers flexibility for existing owners to exit and new users to take their place. As expressed in our prior communication, these changes are the necessary first step in building on Meadow Lake’s rich history with a set of more modern programs. It is a work in progress and progress will be made.
How much will association level accounting lessen my maintenance fees?
• This is not possible to quantify at this point. With the recent special assessment and the careful reassignment of units, the association is currently in strong shape. Moving forward, the change will mean that people will no longer be penalized relative to other owners if they have deadbeats in their units. The costs will be spread across the entire village, which is both fairer and more efficient to administer.
What if I want to rent my unit on my own to a friend or family member?
• After the pet policy, this was the next most controversial provision, likely because of confusing wording and messaging. We are sorry for this. The bottom line is that your ability to rent to a friend or family member has not and will not change. Period. As always, you may contact the resort to provide the name of who will be checking into your unit during your week.
How will the Right of First Refusal impact my ability to sell my unit?
• Not at all. The purpose of this clause is to ensure that owners are not victimized by scam companies that promise exit from ownership but deliver only another layer of high upfront fees and no relief from ownership responsibilities. As expressed above, MLDC is in the resort management business, not timeshare interval ownership business. It has no interest in thwarting legitimate sales and transfers. Quite the contrary, we stand ready to assist in all legitimate transfers and sales.
What about my RCI membership?
• At this time there are no changes regarding owners’ RCI memberships, RCI reservations, or RCI trading capabilities, in publication of Caroline Shin’s letter or in the update to these governing documents.
We hope you found this memo useful. Do not hesitate to contact us with other questions. Our passion is serving you. Our goal is to keep Meadow Lake your gateway to good times in the Flathead Valley.
Meadow Lake Development Corporation
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