Since Meadow Lake’s creation in the 1980s, much has changed in the world as well as the world of vacation ownership. As a result, some of the features of ownership that were a strength at the outset are now impeding progress.  It’s our intention to infuse the documents with flexibility and financial equality so current and future owners have more flexible options to own and exit.

We appreciate the passionate owner engagement I’ve experienced since we sent out the materials and opened the vote.  We’ve spoken to many owners directly to answer questions.  We’ve heard many times how much owners enjoy Meadow Lake.  We’ve also noticed patterns in questions and concerns.  We thought it’d be useful to address some frequently asked questions in written format.  I will paraphrase the general questions and then provide a reply.

A concern has been expressed that the right of first refusal will prevent transfers to family members or somehow allow MLDC to prevent other sales.

This is certainly not the purpose of this clause.  MLDC does not wish or intend to inhibit legitimate and willing timeshare purchasers.  The purpose of this is only to avoid fraudulent transfers that ultimately victimize all owners. This is now standard language in modern vacation ownership documents for this reason.

Related to this is a concern that the rental policy of using an approved platform will prevent owners from allowing family and friends use the unit, either for free or for compensation.

This is not the case.  Owners can still offer the unit to relatives and friends.  In fact, this is protected in the documents in Paragraph 18.  You will still be able to let MLDC know who will be using it, as you always have.  This policy is to prevent stranger rentals on Craig’s List, Facebook and other informal channels.  Such channels create liability for owners and chaos for MLDC.

Why did you use Survey Monkey instead of a paper vote? Can’t you change the vote when it comes in?

MLDC is dedicated to an efficient and legal voting process.  Survey Monkey is a legally sound voting platform that maintains accurate and secure voting records. Each response’s validity is tied to a unit and interval within the association. Votes cannot be manually manipulated within Survey Monkey. This modern tool saves owners money and time.

Will I still be able to use Meadow Lake facilities in weeks that I do not directly own?

Yes, the changes proposed here do not affect current policy.

By far, the most concern focuses on the potential for allowing pets, and understandably so. There are concerns of allergies, damage to units and other nuisances associated with dogs.

The proposed change only allows for MLDC to create a policy if all the owners in a unit consent. It does not allow pets.  MLDC will only create a pet policy for units in which all owners consent to pets.  If renters bring pets to these owner-approved units, they will be charged an extra security deposit and pay an increased cleaning fee.  It may be that no units become pet friendly due to the need for unanimous consent.

These have been the big five concerns expressed in emails. We have attempted to reply to all emails promptly and will continue to do so.  We appreciate your ownership and support and look forward to counting your vote.