We’ve been actively enhancing your timeshare units this spring, using your maintenance fees to elevate the quality of your ownership experience. These updates are designed to enrich your next visit to Meadow Lake. We encourage you to explore the latest improvements made by each association. We’re thrilled to unveil these enhancements and eagerly anticipate welcoming you for an even more delightful stay. Please find below some visual highlights of our recent upgrade projects.

St Andrews Association:

  • Upgraded nightstands
  • New sofa sleepers for lofts
  • Updated patio furniture

Spyglass Association:

  • Fresh nightstands
  • Modern coffee tables
  • New studio chairs and tables

Glacier Village:

  • Improved sofa sleepers
  • Upgraded couches and chairs
  • New nightstands and coffee table
  • Added stools for extra comfort


  • Enhanced sofa sleepers
  • Upgraded chairs