Your trip to Montana will not be complete without spending some quality time with horses. Hop on over to Whitefish’s Bar W Guest Ranch for a trail ride that can last from an hour to a half day depending on your preference. Newbies might prefer a lesson. Family members of all ages can enjoy the 45-minute evening wagon rides that can be capped off with a dinner on the range.

Recommended Time: Two hours to half day.

Distance: Half hour drive from Meadow Lake Resort.

Cost: It’s tour dependent with posted prices on website ranging from $50 for an hour to $110 for a half day trail ride.

Recommended Attire: Layers, durable pants and shoes.

Intensity: Moderate-to-intense for horseback riding. Less intense for wagon rides.

More Information: Contact Meadow Lake Resort Activities Desk (800) 321-4653 or Company directly: 866.828.2900