Resort Update

Resort Update

At MLDC, your vacation experience is our passion.  We know that times change, technology evolves, and units age.  Staying current requires our vigilance in updating and upgrading the resort properties to enhance your ownership experience.  We are always mindful of costs and value.

In 2018, we finished many resort projects to make your stay more enjoyable. In the condo units we installed HDTVs, Blu-ray players, alarm clocks and USB chargers. We purchased cozy new beds for all condo units to ensure a relaxing stay. For family fun, we purchased additional mountain bikes and stand-up paddle boards so everyone can play.

In 2019, we have some major renovations planned for Meadow Lake Resort. In the spring, we are scheduled to resurface the outdoor pool & hot tub areas. Beginning in 2019 and into 2020, we will be renovating the flooring and updating the furniture in buildings 2-12. This includes replacing both soft and hardwood flooring, along with providing new sofas and love seats. Below we have provided the schedule for phase one of this project. Phase two is scheduled for October 2019 through February 2020. If you notice that these dates affect your stay, we are here to work with you to accommodate your vacation time in a different building.


Flooring: 01/12/2019 – 01/26/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 02/24/2019- 03/10/2019


Flooring: 01/27/2019 – 02/10/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 02/25/2019 – 03/10/2019


Flooring: 02/24/2019 – 03/10/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 02/24/2019 – 03/10/2019


Flooring: 03/09/2019 – 03/23/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 04/30/2019 – 05/14/2019


Flooring: 03/23/2019 – 04/06/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 04/30/2019 –05/14/2019


Flooring: 04/06/2019 – 04/27/2019 Living Room Soft Seating: 04/30/2019 – 05/14/2019

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