Winter Use of Golf Course

Meadow Lake Resort and the Meadow Lake Golf Course have been owned by separate entities since 1994, but we have always been committed to working together.  This year, as new owners of the Meadow Lake Golf Course, Tom and Gerlinde Waters have asked for the cooperation of our owners & guests in following their new winter policies. Unlike last winter, Glacier Nordic will not be grooming a cross-country track. Below is the Meadow Lake Golf Course Winter Use Policies as defined in a letter dated January 10, 2020, from the Meadow Lake Golf Course to Meadow Lake Residents and Meadow Lake Resort Guests. For further explanation or questions, please contact the Meadow Lake Golf Course.


The golf course’s primary goal is providing excellent golfing conditions throughout its operating season. Winter activities are extremely likely to damage the fine turf. Winter turf damage often causes problems that linger throughout summer months. Please help us avoid unsightly and costly winter damage to the golf course. While enjoying winter recreational activities, please observe the following rules:


 OFF SEASON GOLF- Turf growth essentially ceases in the fall and resumes growth when soil temperatures climb in the spring. Traffic is especially damaging to turf during winter months when lack of turf growth prevents recovery. Divots and ball marks don’t heal, and mechanical plant injury occurs when walking or driving on frozen grass.

 SNOWMOBILE, VEHICLE, CART, BIKING AND/OR ATV USE- Have an extremely high likelihood of damaging the course.

 PONDS- Recreating on Meadow Lake’s water features is extremely risky. Our ponds have inconsistent ice cover. Please STAY OFF!

 ROPED AREAS, GREENS, AND TEES- Greens and tees are especially vulnerable to winter damage and are expensive to repair. Their conditioning has a huge impact on a golfer’s experience. All greens are roped to assist identifying these closed areas. Only the tees that are historically abused are roped but please remember ALL TEES are off limits.

 SLEDDING- Sledders may not use slopes created by elevated greens or tees. Sledding is not permissible on fairways, greens, tees, or roped/fenced areas.





 TREE CUTTING- Trees and vegetation are property of the golf course. Christmas tree cutting, pruning trees for wreaths or any other removal of golf course plant material is not allowed.



 CROSS COUNTRY SKIING- Is allowed in roughs (areas near tree lines) on Holes 3 through 7 only. There will be a roped off area extending through those Holes, Skiers’ must stay between the tree line and ropes at all times. Please stay off fairways. Skiing is absolutely forbidden on greens, tees, roped areas, and across ponds. Skiing is not allowed when snow depths are less than 6” or when snow is slushy due to potential for turf injury.

 WALKERS, HIKERS- Please stay on CART PATHS ONLY. A cart path loop will be cleared periodically throughout the winter offering an area to walk in winter months. The path set to be cleared extends from the Proshop through Holes 1 and 2; returning to the Proshop down Holes 8 and 9. Traffic on greens, tees and fairways is forbidden.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us make Meadow Lake Golf Resort an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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