Doc Change Update & FAQ


SAHA owners' votes are in, and the proposal to update their governing documents passed! We are pleased to report an overwhelming approval of the document updates, with more than 95% approval among voters. We are grateful for the participation and the great questions, suggestions, and ultimately support of the changes. In a nutshell, the goal [...]

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SAHA Doc Change FAQ


April 8, 2021 This document project has been quite a journey. As I’ve expressed many times, it stems from a recognition that Meadow Lake is a unique place that plays a special role in its owners’ lives.  Since its creation in the 1980s, much has changed in the world as well as the world of [...]

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Covid Rebate Update


December 28, 2020 Dear Owners of Meadow Lake Resort, As 2020 comes to an end, we are all anxiously awaiting an end to the adjustments in our lives that we've been forced to adapt due to COVID-19. It's hard to believe that we are here, welcoming 2021 when nine months ago we were announcing the [...]

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Amenities Open To Local Owners


Dear Meadow Lake Resort Owners, We are pleased to announce the reopening of the Meadow Lake Resort amenities to our local owners.  After talks with local county officials, we have clarified that local owners are considered register guest and can access all of the amenities.  The occupancy of these facilities will be limited to a [...]

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Reopening The Big Sky Phase Two


Dear Meadow Lake Resort Owners and Guests, We are happy to inform you that Montana is moving into phase two of “Reopening The Big Sky” on June 1st, 2020. On May 19th, Governor Steve Bullock outlined the changes under phase two. The Governor asks that we continue to practice social distancing, wear cloth masks in [...]

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Hard at work during closure


Greetings from your team at Meadow Lake Development Corporation (MLDC). We hope that everyone is staying safe and calm through these uncertain times. Since making the decision to close our doors to travelers due to COVID-19 as stated in a previous correspondence, we want to reassure you that we are still hard at work upkeeping [...]

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Resort Closure 03/20/2020 Through 04/30/2020


Dear Meadow Lake Resort Owners, Amid the current situation with COVID-19 unfolding, we at Meadow Lake Development Corporation (MLDC) want to take a moment to express our dedication to serving you, our owners. Taking care of our owners and guests is our top priority. Montana has remained relatively unaffected by actual cases, but this is [...]

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