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Owner Update


Owner Update 9/12/19 Meadow Lake Development Corporation (MLDC) announced a major initiative on behalf of owners with the June article, “Document Refresh” (link below).  Based on a presentation to Home Owner’s Association (HOA) Boards in early June, the article explained an effort to propose governing document changes to provide owners with [...]

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The Price of Progress: Placing your maintenance fees in context


The Price of Progress: Placing your maintenance fees in context Fresh off the founding of the United States, Ben Franklin wrote, “[I]n this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  If he were writing in today’s age of strong governments, paper money and central banks, he’d [...]

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Road Less Traveled


Road Less Traveled One can literally take the proverbial road less traveled by visiting Glacier National Park in the Fall.  A world-renown tourist attraction, park guests will find Glacier with less crowded roads, more wildlife, and more availability during the fall. An added bonus: enjoy the park’s scenic views enhanced by [...]

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Correction and Amplification


Correction and Amplification We are grateful that an owner has called to our attention an editing error in our inaugural newsletter, dated January 2019.  In the “Resort Update” feature, we referred to “updating and upgrading the resort properties”, “major renovations,” and “renovating the flooring.” The word choice should have instead been [...]

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RCI Take Back


RCI Take Back - More Rental, Owners to Benefit Good News for Meadow Lake Owners: RCI Take Back - More Rental, Owners to Benefit We hope this note finds you enjoying your summer and having spent some time with us here at Meadow Lake.  At MLDC we are constantly working to [...]

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Document Refresh


Document Refresh Remember when a rotary phone hung in your kitchen and 3.5-inch floppy drives on bulky computers were cutting-edge?  At the time, these things were exciting innovations, but imagine if your phone or computer today was that of 30 years ago.  In a world of smartphones, Bluetooth, and computers that [...]

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Rental Program Explained


Rental Program Explained Rental Program Explained Meadow Lake was designed with owners in mind, but they are not necessarily filling all of the beds every night of the year.  When an owner isn’t occupying a unit, one option is to put that interval into the rental program.  There are a few [...]

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Letter From GM


Letter From General Manager Greetings from Meadow Lake Resort, Flowers are blooming, the air is warm, and the grass is green.  Summer is here in the valley!  We have been gearing up for your arrival. With the pools open, bicycles available for rent, and Mary Jane and Roger at Rocky Bar-O [...]

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Resort Update


Resort Update The first half of 2019 has been very productive with resort updates.  In the spring, we completed resurfacing the outdoor pool and hot tub areas for your summer enjoyment. New flooring and furniture have been installed in buildings 2,3,4,5,6 and 7. For the remainder of 2019 and into 2020, we [...]

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Paddles, Trails, and Automobiles


Paddles, Trails, and Automobiles Paddles  The whitewater rafting on Glacier’s border rivers is at its most thrilling in the spring, as peak runoff typically occurs then. As summer gets fully underway, overnight and full day rafting is where it’s at! Relax in the morning, eat lunch riverside, and go for a swim. [...]

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